NEWS FLASH: The Butler Company will "retire" December 31st, 2012.

After 10 years (or is it 11?), I’ve decided to stop running around the State every month teaching pre-licensing and continuing ed to realtors and title insurance agents. I’m jumping 100% into Pembroke Title and opening up to other opportunities and adventures! (‘Always wanted to sing backup to Joni Mitchell!)

A company in Northern Virginia in planning to take over where I left off! New and improved! I will post more info on this site soon! Stay turned!

Change . . . the only constant!



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Carol Butler: Teaching and Making Matches in Real Estate

Real estate matchmaker. A perfect description for Carol Butler, a Norfolk native with 36 years in the real estate business. Her experience in selling real estate, working for law firms, mortgage companies, real estate firms and title companies/agencies, has lead her to a position of respect within the industry which brings her clients and those seeking advice and counsel from across Virginia. “I sold real estate in the ‘80’s, worked in the title and closing business, and later saw the need for training in these areas,” said Butler.

Butler opened The Butler Company ten years ago, and travels Virginia teaching pre-licensing for the title agent exam and also teaches continuing education to title agents, and realtors. The company facilitates underwriting, processing, CE, pre-licensing, courthouse training, office relocation, expansion and organization, temporary office management and leadership coaching.

A certified instructor for the State Corporation Commission Bureau of Insurance, and Virginia Board of Realtors, Butler has built a statewide network of professionals who work with her to assist in title exams and closings.

Butler began her career as a legal assistant in Virginia law firms. She learned title examining in Charlottesville in 1974 and has worked in the field ever since.

After being active in the industry for so long, Butler has observed some changes that needed to be made and that gave her a vision for the future. “I saw the need for a temp service, specializing in real estate, as I watched title insurance and law offices down-size or close. A lot of good people are losing jobs and there are offices needing help who can’t afford to hire full-time employees.”

Carol feels for those losing jobs. “When people with full time pay and benefits lose their jobs, they freak out and grab the first position that comes along. The interview is like a first date! You wear your best clothes and are on your best behavior.”

Because full-time employment can be a risk for both employee and employer, Carol sees the temporary business as a great solution and right on time. It allows someone to “ try on” several offices to find the right fit, enabling them to not get pulled into office politics or drama. The owners appreciate the temp because they are there to help and keep them from sinking, and of course, they don’t have to pay benefits.

Butler was way ahead of her time when, in 1980, she and a friend, Heather Ford, opened The Office, a temporary service for law firms and had 13 people working the Tidewater area. She had several paralegals who worked with them for years. A few were new moms who didn’t want or need to work full time. “I still hear from some of those folks from time to time,” says Butler, “some seeking jobs, and some looking for employees.”

That’s Carol Butler, still teaching others, still making matches. It’s hard to believe that someone so busy making a difference in the real estate business and sharing her knowledge with others would have time for anything other than work. Oh, but she does! Active in the American Diabetes Association for ten years, on the local board level as well as national involvement, and working many fund raising programs, she is currently co-chair of the 2011 Party in Paradise auction committee. She also performs in an all-girl band called Champagne!

Butler lives in the Ghent area of Norfolk. You can reach The Butler Company at 757-409-7614 or you may visit her website at

She’s sold it, closed it, and taught others how to do it. That’s Carol Butler, real estate matchmaker.

September, 2010


During the 2010 General Assembly Session, Senate Bill 295 was passed which repealed Title 6.1 of the Virginia Code. As a result, the Wet Settlement Act and provisions regarding real estate settlement agents (CRESPA) were relocated to Title 55 of the Code. Chapter 27.2 pertains to the Wet Settlement Act and Real Estate Settlements and Chapter 27.3 pertains to Real Estate Settlement Agents. While there were some technical changes, word relocation and combining of common elements, there were no substantive changes to the law. This change takes effect October 1, 2010. Both, Title 55 Chapter 27.2 and Title 55 Chapter 27.3 can be found at keyword Title 55