Hi Ms. Butler,
Just sending an email to let you know I passed the Title Insurance exam after taking your online "exam cram" course. It filled in a lot of blanks for me that were not covered in the online course I took from another company.
David, Dec. 2012
Alexandria, VA

I have to say, Iíve never had a more relaxed 4 hour class than I did yesterday. It was interesting and useful information. Thanks so much for coming to our office.
Hope to work with you again soon.
Susan Hawkins, BridgeTrust Title, Oct. 2012
Virginia Beach, VA

I passed! In fact, I received a phone call saying I was the first person in the company to have ever passed the exam the first go around. I couldnít have done it without you. A few of the girls in my office said they didnít have the benefit of your class. There is no way I could have scored that 69.9999 (just kidding) if it werenít for your prep-class. You are awesome!
Brandy, Aug. 2012
Richmond, VA

Good Morning,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your title pre-licensing class. The online portion was fantastic I could work at my own pace, take notes and go back and review sections I needed more work in. The classroom portion was just as good I received so much great information and learned so much. I left the class feeling very confident and passed my title exam on the first try. You totally rock as a teacher and I couldnít have done it without you!!!!! I would HIGHLY recommend you and your class to anyone interested in getting a title license.
Bonnie Hoar-Stainback, Aug. 2012
Gloucester, VA

Happy Monday, Carol!
I did great on the exam! Thank you so much for your excellent training materials and classroom education! I couldnít have done it without you!
Julie Smallwood, Blue Maple Title, July 2012
Staunton, VA

Passed! I took only 45 minutes, but wouldn't say it was easy.
Jeff - another successful student, June 2012

Good morning Carol,
Just wanted to let you know that Clancy and I passed our exams on Saturday. Thank you so much for all the great information! Your class was wonderful and provided us exactly what we needed to do well on our exams.
Thank you,
Leilani Evans, May 2012
Virginia Beach, VA

Good morning Carol!
I wanted to let you know that I took the exam this morning @ 8am and PASSED! Thank you so much for all your help to prepare me for it. Your prep materials and online course were great resources and truly gave me confidence going in to take it.
Thomas Glass, May 2012
Glen Allen, VA

Hello Carol,
This is Jones Baker from Appalachian Title & Settlement in Independence, Virginia. I just wanted to touch base with you regarding your pre-licensing course that I was fortunate enough to attend in Vienna earlier this year. Being 22 years old and very new to the industry, I was a little nervous about getting acquainted with procedures, laws, regulations, and various other industry standards needed to be successful in the title insurance business. All I can say regarding your course is THANK YOU. I ended up taking the licensing exam the next morning, based on your recommendation (and a very well informed one at that) and passed! Everything taught in the class was relevant to the exam material, and after four years of college I can honestly say that I felt more prepared for that exam than most exams I had taken in my academic career.
After returning to the office the next day, I felt very prepared with what material you had provided, but honestly didnít know how relevant it would be to the workplace. WAS I EVER WRONG ABOUT THE APPLICABILITY! Nearly every scenario I have been, and continue to be faced with on a day-to-day basis had been covered in the course, and anything I ever had questions about you were able to answer either by phone or email, and very promptly. Carol, I certainly appreciate everything from the course and all of the advice you have been so kind to give to a newcomer to the business. I would strongly suggest any of your classes to anyone, novice or veteran, who felt like experiencing the sensation of being thrown in to shark infested waters and swimming out without a scratch.
Thanks again,
Jones H. Baker, March '12
Independence, VA

Morning Carol,
I passed my exam on Friday.
Thank you,
Tammy, March '12
Staunton, VA

Hi Carol,
Just wanted to drop you a note to say "thanks" again for the education. I took the exam last Friday and passed thankfully!
Take care,
Jennifer, January '12
Northern VA

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam Saturday. Thank you for all of your help.
Jack Kazebeer, October '11
Richmond, VA

"Carol and I worked together as part of the Virginia operations management team at Southern Title Insurance. I always admired her positive outlook and entrepreneurial drive. After she left the company, we continued to work together professionally through VLTA and I had opportunities to recommend her as a trainer for title insurance agents. I always got very positive feedback from anyone I referred to Carol and her company. I hope to have continuing opportunities to work with her in the future."
Ronald D. Wiley Jr., September '11

Just wanted to let you know that I went and took my test on Saturday and passed :):) Can't thank you enough for everything! Your study book was perfect!
Sharon Cousins, Dominion Capital Title, LLC, August '11
Glen Allen, VA

I just wanted to let you know that I took the exam on Saturday and I passed!!! Thanks again:)
Kim, TitleWorks, May '11
Glen Allen, VA

After studying for countless hours through an online class that I purchased from Cape School, I was unsuccessful at passing the Title Insurance examination....3 times!
Then I purchased your online cram exam, studied it (and read info that I had not previously seen with Cape!), nervously took the exam for the 4th time, and finally passed it!
Had I known previous to purchasing the Cape School program, that there wasn't enough info in it to pass, I would have saved a lot of time and money by taking your class, instead.
Thank you for having helped me to achieve this goal! Obviously, I couldn't have reached it without your in depth class.
I'll be sure to sign up with you for the required CE classes!
Thanks again,
Diana Rodriguez, Jan. '11

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You covered all of the questions.
Thank you very much for all you did to help me.
Laurie, Jan. '11
Richmond, VA

I enjoyed your CE class today! You made it so painless! Thanks!
Sonya, Dec. '10
Burke, VA

I want to thank you so much for your help Ė I was really nervous but studied your book all weekend and went and took the test at 8:00 am this morning and passed. Carol Ė you are great !!! and again I thank you sooo much.
Crissy, Aug. '10

Just wanted to let you know that I PASSED the test today. Thank you SO very much for everything. You did a great job teaching!!!
Thanks again.
Julie, Aug. '10

(Even after taking 16 hours of pre-licensing from another company, my online course will give you the confidence and basics to pass the exam! -- Carol Butler)
Hi Carol,
I took the test on Tuesday morning and I passed! wahooo!
I just wanted to tell you that your cram session course was a BIG part of my success with the test. The course was easy to follow and explained the material in a very simplistic manner.
Also, thank you for always getting back to me. I had some problems logging on to the site and you were extremely prompt in returning my emails and/or calling me.
Thanks again!
Dana, July '10

They simply couldn't fail me. I fortunately had you as my teacher. Please accept endless gratitude from the bottom of my heart.
Delwar, July '10

Hi Carol,
Alleluia, I passed my title exam on Saturday. Thank you for the online class and classroom instruction. The information was very detailed and studying the materials made the exam go smoothly. Itís was great meeting you and I know where to go for other classes.
Mary Kaye, March '10

Good morning! Just wanted to let you know that I passed the test! Thank you so much for everything!
Leah - Monarch Title, Inc., Dec. '09

Carol, I want to start by saying Thank You, Thank You , Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to take my test today and I PASSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stressed and studied over for the last several days. I was on your online study course for quite some time last night. You, your class, the binder of knowledge and your online information is the ticket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, Thank You for sharing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have A Great Day :-)
Sheri - Huntington Title and Escrow, Oct. '09

I passed the title exam this morning! Your online course and seminar gave me the updates I needed to reinstate my license. I will recommend you to my co-workers in Northen Virginia. Thank you!!!
Krista, Aug. '09

Carol, just wanted to let you know that I took the Title Exam yesterday and passed! Thanks for all your help.
Sarah - Sage Title Group (online + 1 day in person), Aug. '09

Hello Carol,
I just wanted to let you know that I took my exam .....and I passed on the first try!!!!!!! I am so excited! I could never have passed without your help. Thank you so much for all your help. Your class is great! You keep things interesting and fun!
I want to thank you again for all your help. I will be in touch.
Debbie, June '09

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you! I took the cram exam and passed the title exam. You and your courses were a huge help! Thanks again! I will recommend them to everyone.
Alison, Feb. '09

Just wanted to let you know I took the exam this morning and passed. I did not find the information on the test too difficult, but some of the wording was tricky. Thank you for teaching me all I need to know about the industry (well, at least enough to pass the exam, I don't think any of us will ever know all there is to know).
Shad - MBH, Fairfax, Feb. '09

Hello Carol!
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class! You are a wonderful instructor and a really fun person with the ability to make a relatively dry subject fun to learn. I really had a blast. I took my test on Thursday and I passed!!!
Yeah!!! Thanks again!!
Barbara, Jan. '09

Hot Damn! I passed.
Brooklyn, Jan. '09

Took the licensing exam today and passed.....YAY!!!
Thanks for your course!
Connie from MBH, Oct. '08

I'm happy and so thankful to you for all your support and providing me not
only with your wonderful course, but also with your great energy. You're
not only a very good teacher, but also an excellent motivator.
Caleb, June '08

Thank you SO much for all of your help!!! I took your online seminar and I could have never passed the exam without your help. I found the seminar extremely easy to follow and only important facts were there not alot of useless stuff to jumble up in your head. Thank again for making this so convenient and offering your expertise to the rest of us.
Donna Johnson, Sandston Title & Escrow

I passed the exam! First try. Thank goodness. It was hard. I mean, the last test I took was the VA bar exam 8 years ago, so my test taking skills are a little rusty, but I certainly wouldn't have passed without your seminar - thanks! I also listened to parts of it over again, and took notes on a lot of it. I did the application and just today received my license in the mail.
Sara Dunton, Alexandria, VA

"I just wanted to say thank you so much, I passed my exam! Looking forward to applying for my license, quite a process. Thanks again for everything!"
Leigh Anne Harp, Homeland Title & Escrow

"Hi Carol, I just wanted to let you know that I took the VA Title Insurance exam today and passed on the first try....
Thanks for all the great information, I don't know how anyone could pass the title exam without the benefit of your class."
Eric Reinhart, Legacy Title

"As a former teacher, licensed Realtor, and experienced settlement officer, I approached Carol Butler's Title Licensing class with great expectations, and was extremely pleased with the course in every way. The class reaffirmed the knowledge I had, and provided me with the information I needed in other areas. Thanks to the preparation I received from this well-structured class, I scored well on my exam and will soon receive my license. I will continue to recommend The Butler Company to my colleagues and clients, and look forward to working with Carol again in the future."
Barbara McDaniel Haughwout, Owner, Solutions For Sale

"Carol, Thanks again. I started the (Online) seminar this evening. Great info so far. I like the layout of the seminar. Visual affects very helpful, plus the audio. You sound great. I have learned a few things that I have forgotten, such as how many sq. feet in an acre, ect.... My quizzes, so far 100% on three I have taken. :)"
Debby Roberts

Hello Carol,
"Just wanted to share the great news that I passed the exam!!! Thanks for all of your help and insight in class. The test was not bad at all. I am in the process of approaching companies to appoint me. Any advice?"
v/r, Shaunda

Dear Carol,
"I PASSED! Thank you very much for the education!"
Sherri Hale

"Hi Carol, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my test this morning with a 90%!!!!! The test seemed pretty easy but your seminar definitely helped...."
Thank you ...
Mindy Lodwig

"I recently took your class September 11, 2006 and I took my test last Wednesday. I wanted to let you know that your class was very instrumental to me and I don't think I could have passed the exam without taking your class. Your class made me more confident and knowledgeable."
Shanel Lu, Legacy Title, Inc, Reston, Virginia

"Carol was able to help our employees understand the basics of title insurance. Her presentations were clear, professional, organized, informative and friendly. We are very pleased with her overall
assistance and guidance."
Kit Warner, Manager, Seaside Title services, LLC Eastville, VA

"In 2001 Breen Title moved its Hampton office and Carol was instrumental in making that move a success (lease negotiations, computer/phone and furniture purchases, office design). In 2002 we opened a new office in Virginia Beach, and again Carol made it happen! She also screened and trained our new employees. Carol serves as an on-going trainer for our staff."
Dave Breen, President, Breen Title & Settlement, Inc. Hampton, VA

"I owe Carol a great deal of gratitude for my company's success. She assisted me in setting up and training my employees. Carol is a true professional."
Andy Mason, Owner/President Accomack Title & Settlement,Inc
& Mason-Davis Co., Inc., Accomack. VA

"Carol is very knowledgeable and has a good way of teaching.
She was very informative, friendly and knowledgeable of the book information".
Instructor Evaluations from;
Institute for Paralegal Education, Norfolk, VA


Carol Butler
757-409-7614 (voice)
757-627-0229 (fax)